New Client Registration & Appointment Request

Please Note 

  • Appointments are requested and need to be approved by your counselor.

  • Check your email for "Secured Emails" from us about appointment approvals, changes, and emails from your counselor. 

  • You will receive confirmation of your appointment approval and reminders 2 days in advance. 

  • Johnathan does accept some insurances (Aetna and Cigna (any issue) as well as Amerigroup and BlueCare for youth with sexual behaviors only) otherwise you can request consideration based on the sliding scale.

  • We do not accept same day appointment requests.

Instructions for New Clients

Request intake appointments with Johnathan by following these steps

  •  Step-by-Step Instructions  (opens in a separate window for you to follow).

  • Click the Begin Registration below and follow the instructions.  

    • For individual or family therapy, please complete the instructions as noted.​

    • For couples DO NOT Complete the Intake Forms. This is done in office when you arrive.

    • Clinical Supervisees/Consultees DO NOT complete the intake forms

 This process takes about 20 minutes and is best done on a computer rather than a mobile device.


You will want to BOOKMARK YOUR LOGIN PAGE for use as an existing client.


Thank You For Choosing 

New Directions Wellness Center!