LGBT and Alternative Lifestyles Counseling

LGBT Population

We work with LGBT youth, adults, and families to address issues such as coming out, challenges with work or family, parenting, and relationship dynamics. We know the LGBT population has a higher rate of social, mental, and substance abuse issues. We are here to provide you with a non-judgmental and safe space to process your thoughts and feelings. 

We also work extensively to support transgender individuals through transition through exploration of the emotional, mental, and social stressors that many transgender people face.  

Alternative Lifestyles

We know that finding a provider for individuals who maintain an alternative lifestyle can be very discouraging. If you live an alternative lifestyle such as polyamory, nudism/naturism, BDSM, and other lifestyles, we provide a safe and accepting space for you to address your personal counseling needs and encourage you to integrate your lifestyle in healthy and safe ways. If you are struggling with identifying or reconciling your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around alternative lifestyles, please check out our staff profiles.