Counseling Services

 Seeking counseling is often the hardest thing a person or family can do for themselves. Our process focuses on allowing you to make informed decisions as to how best to work toward achievement of your goals. Counseling can take an individual or family in new directions that, without guidance, they would struggle to ever achieve. Counseling helps to increase motivation, confidence, structure, direction, function, safety and stability. Individuals and families can make great changes by working with a counselor who remains objective, supportive and focused on your goals.


The counselors with New Directions are highly trained, supervised and skilled. The counselors work to keep themselves well informed of new techniques, improvements in understanding and areas of interest. The counselors who work with New Directions are practicing a healing art that takes time and devotion to building years of experience. New Directions is proud to provide the clinical setting for counselors to practice these skills which also benefits our clients financially when working with these counselors.