Concierge Counseling Services

What is Concierge Counseling?

Concierge counseling is counseling services that are tailored to meet your (or your family's) needs with fewer constraints as to where services occur, how they are delivered and typically can be more intense.

What type of services are offered?

  • Intensive Individual Counseling

  • Intensive Family Therapy with an individualized family plan 

  • On-call services with phone or video conferencing for rapid service delivery

  • In-home services to address environmental and family dynamic issues

  • Priority appointments so you can access your therapist faster

  • Participating and coordinating with external providers

What are the costs and potential benefits?


The costs of services are more straightforward with everything done on a cash retainer basis much like retaining a lawyer for services. For a monthly rate, you can access services for a specific number of hours per month. These hours can be spread out over the month or used based on your needs and schedule. Additional service hours are at a reduced rate. Typically, individual or family therapy by a licensed therapist, without using insurance, can cost between $320 and $600 a month. With insurance, you are required to have a diagnosis for treatment, you must meet your deductible before your benefits apply, and you will only get 1-2 sessions a week at most. Costs with Johnathan Johnson, LPC/MHSP start at $500/month for 4 hours of therapy (in office), up to 1-hour of telephonic support calls, priority appointments, and coordination with external providers. Other services can be accessed even if you are using insurances.


The benefits of this method of service are that you are not limited to the standard 50-minute sessions. You are not using insurance benefits which require a diagnosis. You can tailor services to your needs rather than the expectations of insurance agencies. You can access your therapist within hours rather than days or weeks. You have a more personal and professional experience in your overall mental health care. Intense treatment could result in a lower overall cost of services based on the standard weekly session model. Concierge sessions can be delivered in chunks of time where progress can be made more rapidly and the experience has added value to the individual client. 


However, in the cases of family therapy and in-home services, there is an additional benefit of the treatment of the whole family within the privacy of your home environment. These services can be difficult to access through most commercial insurance plans. For families with disruptive behaviors, relationship issues, parenting skills needs, in-home services can be a very fast method of delivery and improvements in the overall functions of the family and family members. It typically takes months of therapy to see success and lasting changes in family dynamics when services are delivered once a week for 50-minutes.

The on-call services allow you access to your counselor via phone or video-conferencing during difficult times where coaching and stabilization are needed. Typically professionals would charge additional fees by the minute. However, as part of these services, the charges would be part of the retainer agreement. This would potentially lower the overall costs and improve the outcomes of unforeseen issues and events. 

What is the process of exploring services?

Getting started begins with an initial intake session where your needs are assessed. From the initial intake, the counselor will provide you with a menu of services specifically tailored to meet your needs. You always have the ability to decline or change the service agreement to ensure that you are satisfied with services. Services can be terminated at any time. 

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