Adolescent Sexual Misconduct

Among our other special populations we work with at New Directions, Johnathan Johnson, LPC/MHSP works with adolescent sexual behaviors. This population takes a highly trained therapist with unique experiences. Treatment for this population typically involves Department of Children Services and the juvenile court system. Treatment for this population usually takes over a year of treatment and can involve displacement of the youth from the home. The process and experience affects the whole family and requires a great deal of time and energy for all involved.

Among our services, we also can provide sexual risk assessments reports for courts to determine placement for youth with sexual issues. 

Adolescent Behavioral Issues

Sometimes teens struggle with behavioral issues that require special interventions and assistance. We work with your teen to address the cause of the disruptive behaviors and provide a supportive place for them to process their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We also work with parents to help them establish and support healthy boundaries and expectations that prepare your teen in becoming an adult. 

If your family finds itself in this struggle, please reach out to Johnathan Johnson, LPC/MHSP 

to help navigate and treat your whole family.